Aromatic rye grain meets finely spiced honey.

A 500-year-old recipe, 14 ingredients, six months of aging. That’s the secret of Honicus. Not forgetting the exquisite honey from the area of Waldviertel. That’s what we use to refine the aromatic rye grain – the basis of our honey liqueur – and give it its elegant note. Not sweet, not tart. But mildly fine, spicily orange and simply unmistakable. You have to taste it to realize how perfect it all is. Even for the most demanding palate.


Our Honicus is great. In more ways than one.

Firstly, it’s available in 200 ml and 500 ml bottles. Second, what’s in them is always identical. A superb blend of elegant rye grain, fine honey and 14 other ingredients from citrus fruits, fine spices and bourbon vanilla to Ceylon cinnamon, ginger and pepper, cardamom and cloves. The rest is our secret. With every bottle of Honicus, you get a high-quality product made from the finest ingredients. And that’s something you really taste.

Innovative & regional. Authentic and natural.

The ingredients: almost exclusively Austrian, of course. Plus, they’re certified organic. Produced in an artisan manufactory in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Wachau. One family business working hand in hand with another. Completely sustainable. That’s also what makes our Honicus so special. Just like its meticulous maturing period. We give it six months so that the fine spices can develop their full aroma. That’s why Honicus is only available in small quantities. Because great things come in small packages.


Behind every exciting formula is a family with a strong tradition.

My name is Lucyna. I come from a very large family. Togetherness is very important to us. And we cultivate traditions with a passion. We also have lots of great recipes that have been passed down for many generations. My grandma was a wonderful soul. For a while, the recipe for her honey liqueur was the best-kept secret in my Polish family. Whenever a cold was coming on, she would give me a small spoonful of her honey liqueur. „It warms you from the inside and drives away evil spirits,“ she used to say. I was a firm believer in that. Because the next morning I was usually fit again. I loved the taste of her honey liqueur. And it’s stayed with me to this day.

In the meantime, I not only coaxed the recipe from her, but refined it over many long days and even more nights. I kept going until my friends and family said, “That’s it!”

And then suddenly everyone wanted Honicus. So the idea was born to produce my fine honey liqueur for a small fan community. Do you want to be part of it?